Hybrid Intelligence, Germany

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We are a global leader in data science and AI consulting. In 2018 we opened our first German office in Munich.

Career GER 1



We have over 20 staff in Germany, based in:

  • Munich
  • Hamburg

We primarily work with clients in the automotive, life science and aerospace sectors.

Working here inspires me to design creative and scientific solutions built on sustainable technologies addressing today’s business problems.

- Alina, Advanced Data Science Consultant

Career GER 2

Recruitment in Germany

We´re looking for experienced candidates in data science with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and a solution driven mindset. Strong communication skills are as important as the technical background of a new colleague.

Vacancies in Germany

Training & Career Development

We take training and development seriously.

Training Plan

Each and every colleague discusses his or her training needs with the responsible manager, based on client needs, personal development and skill enrichment.

Training can take many different forms including internally and externally run courses, self-study, mentoring, conferences and workshops.


Cortex is an initiative dedicated to the acceleration of AI capabilities and enables individuals to expand their knowledge base and improve their skills in the field.

Staff can apply to take time away from project work and build skills and practical experience in cutting-edge machine learning methods and technologies.

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Choose Your Path

You will be encouraged and supported to tread your own career path based on your aspirations and shaped by the skills you develop and the projects you work on.

We offer excellent future prospects, whether your path is weighted towards technical, project management, consultancy or something else. You are sure to find a rewarding career to match your ambitions.

The friendly and collaborative culture provided me a smooth path to quickly integrate, and I feel proud to be part of the diversified knowledge and history.

- Arun, Technical Lead

Career GER 4

Employee Benefits in Germany

We are proud to reward staff and look after their wellbeing with a competitive remuneration and benefits package.


Flexibility and transparency are key parts of our culture. We can accommodate requests for flexibility in working hours and location.


Core Benefits

All staff receive a competitive remuneration package that includes core benefits like holidays, transport reimbursement, employee representative committee, etc.


Additional Benefits

Through the employee representative committee you will have access to a lot of good deals, including culture, sport, travel, and more.

Career GER 5A

I joined a few months ago and it is already clear that the company environment helps to grow and refine new skills. Moreover, the possibility to be in touch with different data science professionals helps to expand my knowledge.

- Mario, Advanced Data Science Consultant

Social Life

We engage in activities inside and outside of work to bring staff together.

Annual Conference

Our annual conference in the UK brings together all our experts from around the world, allowing us to meet to celebrate our successes and discuss all the challenges of tomorrow.

Sports & Social

Our offices all organise local activities for staff, with BBQs, concerts, B2B runs and more!

Start-Up Events

Each office hosts an annual start up event with a dinner at the beginning of the year to allows us to get first hand information from our CEO and management board, coming together and celebrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sponsor visas for international candidates?

We are able to employ candidates who require sponsorship to work in Germany. We very much welcome international applicants.

Do you offer internships or work experience?

We have limited opportunities for internships and work experience due to the client-based and confidential nature of our work.

What is the recruitment process?

The process is tailored to different vacancies, but in general these are the steps we follow.

1. Application. The recruitment team reviews applications against current requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know how your application is progressing.

2. First interview. The first step is a call with HR to discuss your application, tell you more about the company and see if we have enough in common to progress to the next stage.

3. Data Science Task. After a successful HR Interview, we would send you our Data Science Task. You have up to 7 days to work on it and send us your outcome.

4. Second Interview. If the rating of the task outcome meets our expectations, we invite you for a technical interview via phone with one of our colleagues to get a better understanding of your skillset and to give you more insights about the role.

5. Personal Interview. As a last step, we would invite you for a personal interview at our office in Munich to meet some parts of the team as well as the responsible manager.

6. Offer. If the last interview goes well, we would aim to make a job offer within 1-2 weeks.