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We are a truly global leader in data science and AI consulting. In Italy, we work across a wide variety of sectors, including telecommunications, energy and engineering.

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Our core team is built by over 10 data science experts based in our 3 offices:

  • Milan
  • Turin
  • Rome

The analytics team is part of the Digital & Software Practice, with over 30 experts with competencies in Big Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Business Intelligence.

Mi piace avere una grande varietà di progetti in diversi ambiti, che cambiano spesso. All’interno del team, c'è un'ottima atmosfera di collaborazione e mi interfaccio con persone competenti e disponibili: c'è sempre qualcuno da cui imparare, da chi andare per un aiuto o un consiglio.

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Recruitment in Italy

We recruit graduate and postgraduate candidates with a strong statistical / mathematical background and very good programming skills. We value PhDs – over half of our employees have them.

All our projects involve teamwork, whether it is a Tessella team or a client team. We look for good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

Vacancies in Italy

Training & Career Development

Training and development are key to our success.

Personal Development

You will have an individual training plan to learn new technical and soft skills, often leading to professional qualifications. This plan is made with your line manager, who manages fewer than 10 people.

Based on this plan, and in agreement with your line manager, you will be able to take time to self-train, to carry out research projects on subjects that are important to you, to participate in conferences, to publish and to pursue other personal initiatives.


Cortex is an initiative dedicated to the acceleration of AI capabilities and enables individuals to expand their knowledge base and improve their skills in the field.

Staff can apply to take time away from project work and build skills and practical experience in cutting-edge machine learning methods and technologies.

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Choose Your Path

You will be encouraged and supported to tread your own career path based on your aspirations and shaped by the skills you develop and the projects you work on.

We offer excellent future prospects, whether your path is weighted towards technical, project management, consultancy or something else. You are sure to find a rewarding career to match your ambitions.

All’interno dei progetti, godo di grande autonomia e possibilità di iniziativa. Sento di poter esprimere la mia opinione sui diversi aspetti progettuali, offrendo spunti creativi frutto dell'iniziativa personale. Questo mi incentiva a dare di più nel mio lavoro. Posso inoltre sempre contare sul supporto di colleghi e responsabili per la risoluzione di eventuali problemi incontrati durante i progetti.

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Employee Benefits in Italy

We are proud to reward staff and look after their wellbeing with a competitive remuneration and benefits package.


Flexibility and transparency are key parts of our culture. We can accommodate requests for flexibility in working hours and location.


Core Benefits

All staff receive a competitive remuneration package that includes core benefits like holidays, insurance, employee representative committee, etc.


Additional Benefits

Through the employee representative committee you will have access to a lot of good deals, including culture, sport, travel, and more.

Career ITA 5

Far parte di questa azienda permette di avere numerosi approfondimenti tecnici e supporto nell'affrontare le varie problematiche di un progetto di data science.


Social Life

We engage in activities inside and outside of work to bring staff together.

Annual Conference

Our annual conference in the UK brings together all our experts from around the world, allowing us to meet to celebrate our successes and discuss all the challenges of tomorrow.

Holiday Dinner

Each office hosts an annual dinner during the holiday season to allows us to get together and celebrate.

Work-Life Balance

We are very proud of our diversity and our culture, which encourages everyone to show a positive attitude and support each other. The collaborative and cooperative work environment promotes the transfer of knowledge and learning with a real balance between private and professional life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sponsor visas for international candidates?

If you do not have EU working rights, we need to request permission from senior management to proceed. This permission is normally granted.

Do you offer internships or work experience?

Yes, in Italy we offer technical internships, typically lasting 6 months with the prospect of a full time job at the end.

What is the recruitment process?

In Italy, the recruitment process includes 3 stages:

  • Interview with the hiring manager
  • Technical interview
  • Interview with HR

Details about the process may vary based on the position and will be shared with the candidate during the first introductory call.